Abbey Medieval Festival – 2017

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The Abbey Medieval Festival – 2017

The Abbey Medieval Festival is one of the largest Medieval Re-enactment Tournaments in the Southern Hemisphere. This annual Festival is held in early July near Bribie Island in South East Queensland.
An impressive spectacle, the Tournament attracts re-enactment groups from across Australia and internationally, with some 25-30,000 visitors from the general public attending over the two days.
The festival is a great opportunity for amateur and professional photographers alike to practice their art amidst the life, colour, flair and flamboyance that the festival brings to the Sunshine Coast.

Jousting Tournament :

The Jousting Tournament is a major attraction at the Abbey Medieval Festival with competitors from across Australia and even internationally making a regular appearance.
The Joust takes place over the two day weekend culminating in spectacular fashion with the finals on the Sunday afternoon.

Turkish Oil Wrestling :

The Turkish Oil Wrestling is another major attraction at the Abbey Medieval Tournament. This long forged Turkish tradition dates back to the Ottoman Empire and is performed by the Re-enactment Group The Janissary Barracks. The Janissary were the Sultans Elite Guards of the 15th Century Ottoman Empire.
I hope you enjoy these few snaps from the Abbey Medieval Festival Tournament – 2017.
Abbey Medieval Tournament - 2017

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The Abbey Medieval Festival – 2017

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