Jet Pipe Action- Frankston Pier – Victoria – Australia


Since - 25th April, 2018

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Jet Pipe Action – Frankston Pier – Victoria – Australia

Hey Everyone,

In April this year (2018) I was fortunate to be entertained by one of the most incredible spectacles I’ve seen at the beach for a very long time.

I hadn’t seen these Jet Pipes before so was eager to get up close and personal to some of the action with the trusty Olympus in tow.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed. These high flying acrobats of the sea put on a sensational performance before onlookers enjoying a leisurely autumn afternoon at the Pier.

I hope you enjoy these few snaps from what was a fun filled afternoon.

NB : Please don’t hesitate to contact me through our contacts page on this website or through our Facebook page if you would like any of the Photos shown in this gallery for printing or as a download in full resolution. I will try and make all photos in this gallery available for download through through the downloads section of this website shortly.

The Team @ Platypus Paparazzi Photography
25th June 2018
Jey Pipe Action - Frankston Pier - Victoria - 2018

Platypus Paparazzi Photography

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Hey Everyone,

just letting you know these images are virtually straight of the camera with minimal editing and some cropping. They are also web optimised images so are not full resolution.

This means the image quality is slightly degraded compared to the original full resolution file. This file resizing is necessary for uploading the images to the web and to maximise the web page loading speed.

If there are any photos you would particularly like to print from please let me know and will organise an edited file for you in full resolution.

I really hope you enjoy this album from the night…



Platypus Paparazzi Photography – 2018.

Full Gallery Coming Soon !!!