Ulverstone Rodeo – 2019 – WEB OPTIMISED – 1500 x X – JPEG – Download Gallery

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Ulverstone Rodeo - 2019 - Portfolio - Downloads

Ulverstone Rodeo - Tasmania - Australia

Platypus Paparazzi Photography


Since - February 6th - 2019

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Image Licencing :

The WEB images in this Gallery are all WEB Optimised (1500 x X – HIGH PROGRESSIVE JPEG files) and are sold under an EditorialDisplay Use Only Licence – not for commercial redistribution or printable merchandising.

If you’re chasing an Extended Commercial Licence please head over to the Ulverstone Rodeo -2019 – High Resolution JPEG Gallery for this Portfolio (as some of the images in this Low Resolution Web Optimised gallery, even in their high resolutions, are not suitable for printing) and let me know which images are of interest via our Contacts Page.

Image Quality :

The Images in this Portfolio have  been WEB OPTIMISED for web site viewing and website production only. They are not high enough resolution to produce quality prints from.

If you’re looking for the same images in a printable resolution please proceed to our High Resolution Gallery. The printable files in this gallery are also sold under a private and display use only licence, not for commercial redistribution or printable merchandising unless otherwise arranged.

The Team @ Platypus Paparazzi Photography – February 2019.

Free Sample Download

After clicking on the magnifying glass to open the lightbox for a larger view of the image, you will notice Three Symbols in the Top Right Hand Corner of your screen. The Arrow button is the Social media share button. If you like the images please feel welcome to share the page with family and friends via these buttons. The Grid display button opens up extra image navigation within the lightbox if more than 1 image is in the grid space. The X button, well we all know what that does…!!!

 In this Gallery the magnified product images in the Lightbox are the same size and quality as the files you will download from the Invoice you receive to your email address after Checkout.

The images in the Lightbox on the product pages (the orange links on the gallery images) however,for each image  are often not representative of the true size of the purchased file. These product images tend to be smaller depictions possibly due to browser or individual computer and monitor settings.

Thought I should clarify these points for anyone who is unsure about the image quality and size depicted on this website.

Download Gallery :

Please Note : Like the Free Sample Download File, Purchased Files also lack the watermark shown in these gallery images.

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