Melbourne Zoo – 2018

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Since - 25th April, 2018

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Melbourne Zoo – 2018

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Located to the North, and on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD, the Melourne Zoo represents a “bang for buck” day of entertainment for the whole family.

Featuring a wide range of exotic animals from across the globe, yo will discover a well laid out facility with plenty of diversity for the most discerning Zoo connisseur.

Photo opportunities abound as you stroll by the animal enclosures with some challenging light scenarios to be found in the Aquarium and the Australian Fur seal pools.

Did I mention Bang for Buck ? The Melbourne Zoo has some crazily low entry prices for a Zoo of this Calibre and if you’re into annual passes you will need to look at the Multiple Annual Zoo Ticket giving you unlimited entry to 4 or 5 Zoos throughout Victoria and South Australia, including the Werribee Open Plains Zoo just off the Highway half way to Geelong .

I hope you enjoy these few snaps from what was a fun filled afternoon.

The Team @ Platypus Paparazzi Photography
27th June – 2018


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The Team @

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