The Ship That Never Was – Live Theatre – Strahan – West Coast – Tasmania

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The Ship That Never Was

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The Ship That Never Was – Live Theatre – Strahan – Tasmania

It’s been just over a year now since I attended the 25th Anniversary performance of Australia’s longest continuously running live theatre production, the Ship That Never Was, written by acclaimed Tasmanian Playwright the late Richard Davey and performed in Strahan, South West Tasmania by the very talented crew of the Round Earth Theatre Company.

Kiah Davey has followed in her fathers footsteps in bringing to life the daring escape of convicts from Sarah Island, one of the most feared penal settlements in Tasmania’s post colonial history.

The play is performed daily throughout the year (with a short spell over the winter period) at the ampitheatre behind the Strahan Visitor Information Centre, and is a must see live theatre performance if visiting the rugged West Coast of Tasmania.

The Ship That Never Was

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