Camera Gear Reviews

Olympus – Micro Four Thirds

The following pages describe the Olympus Camera Equipment we have been using here at Platypus Paparazzi Photography since our migration to digital format and  provide a real world handling perspective of this equipment.
All photos on this website have been taken with an Olympus Micro Four Thirds – Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera system.
These Cameras have very similar features to full frame DSLR systems but use a light sensor smaller than Sony’s APSC sensors.
Due to the size of these sensors, smaller lenses are employed with this system.
These lenses produce sharper edge to edge images with less outward diffraction.  Smaller lenses and cameras translates into a greater degree of portability with little compromise in image quality compared to larger camera formats.
I feel the quality of the images throughout this website are testimony to the quality of these Olympus Camera Systems and I hope you gain some insight into the benefits of these amazing cameras from these brief reviews.

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