Ngarigo Campground – Thredbo – Kosciusko National Park

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Ngarigo Campground – N.SW.

Situated on the Thredbo River just a few Km’s from the Alpine Ski Village of Thredbo in the Kosciusko National Park lies the picturesque Ngarigo Campground.

This moderately sized campground is ideally suited to tent camping with plenty of flat grassy sections and separate graveled parking areas.

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The Team @ Platypus Paparazzi Photography

Two reasonably flat grassed areas are also available for motor vehicle access and are ideally suited for smaller motorhomes and campervans.

There is very little space here for larger motorhomes and caravans which will find better parking access at the Diggings Campground just a few Km’s down the mountain from the Ngarigo campground further towards Jindabyne.

Ngarigo is accessed by an all weather gravel road with parking bays provided close to the main camping areas. Picnic tables and formal camp fire pits are available at some but not all tent sites and motor vehicle access areas.

Drinking water is available from the nearby Thredbo River (it is always advisable to boil river water before consumption) and the campground is serviced with two Unisex Pit Toilets with toilet paper provided.

For the keen trout fisherman the Thredbo River holds a large population of relatively small brown and rainbow trout, with some larger specimens occuring from time to time.

The River just down stream of the campground is boulder strewn with some deep sections and is also difficult wading at the best of times.

Better fishing opportunities can be found some Km’s downstream closer to the Diggings Campground where the river flattens out into broader riffles or a bit further upstream where some deeper pools and longer riffles are available.

New cycle tracks are also a big attraction of this area and push cyclists will enjoy exploring the myriad of tracks up and down the Thredbo River and into Thredbo Village and the surrounding mountains.

Please remember when visiting the Kosciusko National Park that although camping within the national Park is Free itself, Park Access Fees do apply per vehicle.

These fees can be paid at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Information Centre at Jindabyne or at the Parks and Wildlfe Headquarters at Khancoban if you are entering from the South Side of the National Park.

Having said all this the Ngarigo Campground is located in a beautiful mountain valley setting and is a fabulous place to sit back and enjoy some of the Mountain ambience or stage a walking or cycling trip along the Thredbo River.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this truly beautiful part of Australia.


The Team @

Platypus Paparazzi Photography
Australian Camping Guides – 2016

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