Moogerah Peaks National Park – Mount French – QLD

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Moogerah Peaks National Park – Mount French – Queensland

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 Moogerah Peaks National Park – Mount French – Section


Located in Queensland near Boonah, South West of Brisbane and around 50km south of Ipswich is a gorgeous oasis of bushland with excellent camping opportunities for tents and smaller vehicles.

Moogerah National Park is a renowned rock climbers haunt, boasting gorgeous views across farmland valleys to the great divide further to the West.

The Queensland National Parks service have provided excellent amentities here, with fully serviced flushing, septic based toilet facilities, covered barbecue areas, brick fire places, plenty of picnic tables and wood barbecues in the camping area.

Two smaller car camping areas have been set aside which are suitable for campervans and other smaller vehicles.

During quiet periods you may be lucky enough to find parking for smaller caravans and slightly larger motorhomes.

Given it’s such a short drive (round 7Km) from the Township of Boonah, this National Park is definitely worth a visit.

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