The Australian Alps Wild Trout Series


Since - 12th Dec 2014

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The Australian Fish Gallery :

This gallery is a photographic portrait of wild fish in freshwater and saltwater habits from around Australia in a variety of behavioural scenarios including feeding, spawning and other social interactions.

Australian Alps – Wild Trout Series

In mid January 2016, I photographed wild brown trout in the crystal clear waters of the Australian Alps, near Mount Kosciusko in South Eastern New South Wales, Australia.
These images were produced as part of my assessment for The University of Tasmania Photography Course in early 2016.
The resulting monochrome series below illustrates important aspects of Wild Trout Feeding Behaviour relevant to Dry Fly Fishing.
This series may be of interest to freshwater fisheries biologists, fly fishing instructors, biology teachers and anyone who has a fascination for aquatic animals.

Australian Alps Wild Trout Series

Platypus Paparazzi Photography

Camera Gear Used

The Wild Trout Series was photographed with the Olympus OM-D EM-5 Digital Camera with the standard Kit 40-150 mm f4-5.6 Telephoto Lens and a Hoya Circular polarising filter attached.