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This page links to public information supplied by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and other Australian wildlife research bodies with details of the general biology and ecology of some of the native Australian animals depicted in photos on the Platypus Paparazzi Photography website.
There are also many wildlife conservation projects ongoing worldwide which often rely on public funding to allow them to continue their vital work. This page lists some of those funds, with website links for further information specific to their projects and how you can help.
Education and awareness of the plight of many Australian native animals and other species worldwide, particularly endangered and vulnerable species, from loss of habitat, environmental pollution and introduced pests and disease, is critical if we are to ensure the long term survival of these animals in the wild.
Australia is signatory to a Global Biodiversity Treaty which formally recognises the importance of biodiversity  and the maintenance of existing ecological communities on a global scale to human well being and existence. As such we have an obligation and a duty of care, not only as a Nation, but as individuals, to ensure that these species, alongside our own, survive into the future.
Platypus Paparazzi Photography donate 10% of its profits each year to worthwhile environmental conservation projects as part of an ongoing commitment to nature conservation in Australia. If you are involved with nature conservation projects in Australia we would love to hear from you.
Thank you for visiting our site and we hope these links are a useful source of information for you.

Proportion of Currently Threatened Native Australian Mammals :
Proportion of Currently Threatened Native Bird Species in Australia :

Threatened Wildlife in Australia:

(Australian Wildlife Conservancy)

Vascular Plant Extinctions :
83 Vascular Plant Species - EXTINCT
Australian Animal Extinctions :
43 Animal Species - EXTINCT
Extinct Native Australian Birds :
Extinct Native Australian Mammals :
Extinct Native Australian Frogs :

Extinctions in Australia Since European Settlement :

(Statistics from the Wilderness Society)

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