Evans Lookout – Campground and Walking Area – The Blue Mountains

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Evans Lookout Campground

Despite being a little rundown and lacking water access at the time of writing this article, the Evans Lookout Campground is an excellent stopover point for any walking and hiking adventures into the Grosse Valley, just a short distance from the heart of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney, Australia.
Evans Lookout is located near Blackheath around 10Km west of Katoomba along the highway towards Lithgow.
A turnoff to the right (if you’re heading West that is) just past the Hydro Majestic Hotel (a large impressive colonial style building with spectacular views over the Cox’s River Valley to the South) takes you 5 kms to the Evans Lookout campground area on the right, around 300m before the car park at Evans Lookout.

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The campground has ample space for larger motorhomes and campervans and plenty of tent space including some poorly maintained tent and swag platforms.

Formal pit style or metal shrouded fireplaces occur in some but not all of the camping spaces among the small timber of the dry schlerophyll forest.

Despite being located on the ridge, the area is reasonably sheltered from high winds with the smaller eucalpyts absorbing the buffeting.

The area was obviously once well catered for with water taps located throughout the camping area.Today these taps are like a desert mirage so don’t expect water from them.

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This well has been dry for some time and you will need to bring your own water provisions for the duration of your stay.

A short walk from the camping area and you are welcomed with spectacular views of the Grosse Valley at Evans Lookout and the start of a range of walking adventures to suit your taste.

The Grand Canyon walk and other major hiking and climbing adventures begin from Evans Lookout.

The Grand Canyon Walk is a spectacular leisurely stroll through fern laden wet schlerophyll forest, river beds and deep chasms of the Grand Canyon. More adventurous walkers have the choice of overnight and multiple staged hikes though the Grosse Valley.

Whatever your tastes, the Evans Lookout area has something to please everyone.

I hope you enjoy your visit as much as I did.


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