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Targa Tasmania 2017 – Free Sample Download

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Hey Everyone

thought I should include a test download file of a similar resolution to the Full Resolution Targa Files so you have an idea of the size and quality of these images. The images displayed in the product listings are not full resolution. They are smaller degraded images suitable for WEB applications. This is to assist with page loading speed and to protect the higher quality images.

Please feel welcome to download this higher resolution file (equivalent to the high resolution files in the Targa Gallery) through the Guest Checkout Process (ie. you don’t need to create an account that you log into and there are no financial transactions obviously). You do need to fill in some basic information at Checkout though… Name, Address, Email…etc.

Once through Guest Checkout the file is available for Download immediately from the Checkout Page.


The Team @ Platypus Paparazzi Photography -2017.

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Download Process – Purchased Files :

Download Links for purchased downloadable files are attached to the Invoice which is delivered to the email address supplied at Checkout. Go to your email address after checkout and open the Invoice from Platypus Paparazzi Photography. A separate download link is available next to each purchased item.

Each purchased file can be downloaded 3 times and download permissions expire after 7 days, so don’t forget to check your email inbox as early as possible after purchase and download your files.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues downloading your files.


Cheers The Team@

Platypus Paparazzi Photography